“Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” – What is the meaning of the CD Title?

For everyone who grew up in the Midwest or the Northwest of the United States, or for that matter anyone who has spent some time in the country and loves country music, you will appreciate a lot of the songs / themes on this CD “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines“. 

For those who didn’t, my hope is to bring you along for 12 songs and give you a little look at what it was like to grow up in a small town in Montana. 

Where I grew up, dirt roads are more common than paved roads.  Who wouldn’t love to jump in a 53 Chevrolet Pickup Truck and just head on down that dirt road for as far as it goes, for as far as you can see in any direction?

Old Fence lines are even more interesting as they “just go on for mile and mile, standing there strong, bold, meek and mild,” (from the title track Dirt Roads and Fence Lines).   If you stand along an old fence line and look for as far as you can see, you will notice that somewhere off in the distance “where the sunset meets tomorrow”, it blends into the horizon and disappears!  

Every song on this CD is from life as I find it.  I write all my own lyrics and I’m happy when you get a copy of this CD at www.dougadkins.com and take a look at the perfect way I grew up, but as I say, if you grew up where I did, you will appreciate a lot of the themes on this CD. 

The titles of the songs says it all:

01 Dirt Roads and Fence Lines

02 Small Montana Town

03 Wishful Thinkin’

04 Wish It Were Raining

05 Not Enough Whiskey

06 Two Steppin’ Honky Tonk Dream

07 Second Hand Heart

08 Day To Day

09 Good Ol’ Days

10 Heros Of The Lost Highway

11 (Thank God) Dirt Roads Never End

12 Where I Come From


You can preorder the new album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” HERE!

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