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“Second Hand Heart” written by Doug Adkins

With a rich, deep voice and distinctive style, Montana country singer-songwriter Doug Adkins is releasing his new album “Dirt Roads and Fences” on April 30th, 3018.

After being on stage for more than 20 years Doug Adkins will release his ninth studio album “Dirt Roads and Fence Lines”. Take the chance and preorder the new album hereGet ready for the new album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” and save the first copy for yourself.

Since today the Single “Second Hand Heart” is available at

The official video to the Single “Second Hand Heart” you can watch on YOUTUBE.

We hope you enjoy the new song “Second Hand Heart” written by Doug Adkins.

DOUG ADKINS releases his new album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” in less than 100 days!!!



Doug Adkins, singer-songwriter from Montana will be back soon with his newest album, Dirt Roads And Fence Lines, which will be released on April 30th, 2017.

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Doug Adkins

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The Single “Second Hand Heart” – The Story Behind The Song (new Album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines)

Doug Adkins, traditional Country Music singer and Songwriter is writing his own lyrics.

Next month his Single “Second Hand Heart” of the new Album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” will be released.

For this CD, “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” Doug Akdins wrote all 12 songs in about 2 1/2 weeks, so he had paper everywhere to the point that you wouldn`t know which piece of paper went with which song! But finally it got all sorted out.

For the first single, Second Hand Hearts, Doug Adkins didn’t want to reuse the same old story where guy meets girl in a bar, he convinces her he is the one even though she is hurting and they go off in la la land together. Doug Adkins wanted to give the guy a little more depth! So this particular guy in a bar is a little more attentive, and he actually notices that after their eyes meet, she turns away, and he can tell, that she’s still hurting. But he asks her to dance anyway, she accepts and while they are dancing she states she’s not sure she can ever love again, and the cowboy says, “I don’t need you to fall, I’m just happy here dancin’.”

Doug Adkins:

“I was really happy with that line when it came out because it helps build that depth I was referring to that most of we country boys are accused of not having much of! But also, I felt that would be something a woman who was hurting would like to hear because she certainly doesn’t need any pressure is she’s still hurting. And that’s the line that sets up the chorus and allows our cowboy to say; but, however, if you ever choose to love again, I’d be there if you called, I’d take your second hand heart and just maybe together, we can mend all the broken pieces. Second Hand Heart, Hope you love it , hope it says something to you, as it does to me!”

Today we want to share the lyrics of the new Single that Comes out on February 1st, 2018 – SAVE THE DATE!!!


“Second Hand Heart”… Written by Doug Adkins

Standin’ by the bar, I saw our eyes meet
You quickly turned away (an I knew right then), that you were still hurtin’
I asked you to dance, felt so good together
Movin’ like one, but you’re tellin’ me
That you could never
Let me into your heart, cause you’re still tryin’ to heal
You think you could never love again, that’s the way that you’re feelin’
But I don’t need you to fall, I’m just happy here dancing
But make no mistake, I’d surely be there, if ever you call
I’d take you’re second hand heart, the one that tore your world apart
You say it’s lying in pieces that can never be found
And maybe someday, somewhere, somehow, you choose to love again
And we can mend the broken parts of your second hand heart
Well I’ve been in your shoes
In love it seems we get all used
And there’s nothin’ like knowing that you’ve been the fool
but I swear on my soul, all the stars in the sky
I’ll never break your heart, I ain’t one of those guys
But I’ll take you’re second hand heart, the one that tore your world apart
You say it’s lying in pieces that can never be found
And maybe someday, somewhere, somehow, you’ll choose to love again
And we can mend the broken parts of your second hand heart
Maybe someday, somewhere, somehow, you’ll choose to love again
And we can mend the broken parts of your second hand heart
Together we’ll mend the broken parts of your second hand heart


You can pre order the new Album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” at and you will receive it 2-4 weeks before the public!

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“Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” – What is the meaning of the CD Title?

For everyone who grew up in the Midwest or the Northwest of the United States, or for that matter anyone who has spent some time in the country and loves country music, you will appreciate a lot of the songs / themes on this CD “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines“. 

For those who didn’t, my hope is to bring you along for 12 songs and give you a little look at what it was like to grow up in a small town in Montana. 

Where I grew up, dirt roads are more common than paved roads.  Who wouldn’t love to jump in a 53 Chevrolet Pickup Truck and just head on down that dirt road for as far as it goes, for as far as you can see in any direction?

Old Fence lines are even more interesting as they “just go on for mile and mile, standing there strong, bold, meek and mild,” (from the title track Dirt Roads and Fence Lines).   If you stand along an old fence line and look for as far as you can see, you will notice that somewhere off in the distance “where the sunset meets tomorrow”, it blends into the horizon and disappears!  

Every song on this CD is from life as I find it.  I write all my own lyrics and I’m happy when you get a copy of this CD at and take a look at the perfect way I grew up, but as I say, if you grew up where I did, you will appreciate a lot of the themes on this CD. 

The titles of the songs says it all:

01 Dirt Roads and Fence Lines

02 Small Montana Town

03 Wishful Thinkin’

04 Wish It Were Raining

05 Not Enough Whiskey

06 Two Steppin’ Honky Tonk Dream

07 Second Hand Heart

08 Day To Day

09 Good Ol’ Days

10 Heros Of The Lost Highway

11 (Thank God) Dirt Roads Never End

12 Where I Come From


You can preorder the new album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” HERE!

Doug Adkins – Dirt Roads And Fence Lines / The Story Behind The Album – Recording in Nashville


In 2005 Doug Adkins recorded the CD Whiskey Salesman in Nashville and released to radio in the U.S. and in Europe.


In Europe Whiskey Salesman was #1 for 4 consecutive weeks on the Hot Disc Charts that went out all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand.  As a singer-songwriter in need of a hit country song, that song gave a kick start to a slow moving career and Doug Adkins immediately was touring 100+ country concerts per year. During the recording of that CD he met a couple of the Nashville Greats, musicians such as Mike Chapman, Lonnie Wilson, Brent Mason and others. 


“Mike Chapman who played bass guitar and produced the sessions became a good friend of mine and was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Sadly enough, Mike passed away year before last and is truly missed!
I also met Brent Mason (Electric Guitar) and Lonnie Wilson (Drummer – Producer), and this album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” marks the 4th time we have gotten together to make some Country Music together! final version heller
Brent Mason has the hit country guitar CD “Hot Wired” as well as being the most recorded country guitar player in history and having won CMA guitar player of the year 6 times.
Lonnie Wilson is the former lead singer from the band Bandana which charted 10 Hot Country singles from 1982 to 1986.  Now Lonnie Wilson has arguably the hottest drum sound in Nashville, making him the go to guy for the new CD “Dirt Roads and Fence Lines”!

Check this link from the new Dustin Lynch song “Hell Of A Night”, where Lonnie is on the drums.”

Also working with Doug Adkins on his new album “Dirt Roads and Fence Lines” were Scotty Sanders on Steel Guitar and Jimmy Carter  on Bass Guitar. 


Scotty Sanders has one of the sweetest steel guitar tones period! He has recorded with hundreds of Nashville artists including Charley Pride, Randy Houser, Sammy Kershaw, Joey+Rory, Trace Adkins, Dean Brody. Jimmy Carter is a legend and has a one of a kind sound and drive. His great reputation led him to work in the studio with renowned artists such as Toni Braxton, Dierks Bentley, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Dustin Lynch, George Jones, Nancy Sinatra, and of course Doug Adkins

“To date this is our 4th CD together, and I believe it is by far the best country music we’ve done together!  I believe everyone knows that I’m country through and through!  When you buy a Doug Adkins CD, you are going to get some great music to listen and dance to!”  

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