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2013 marks 20 years of touring. These are a few stories from those years.

Don`t miss the next concerts with Doug Adkins

Doug Adkins, singer-songwriter from Montana/USA, will release his new album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” on April 30, 2018.

Don`t miss the next concerts. If you don`t want to wait so long to experience a great live performance and a perfect mix of Americana Music, order the new album “DIRT ROADS AND FENCE LINES” now!



Doug Adkins is touring with his new album “DIRT ROADS AND FENCE LINES” through EUROPE this year. Don`t miss the chance to see his powerful show, packed with traditional and modern country songs – a mix between the classics of Americana, Classic Rock, Country and Blues we all love! As a songwriter of 8 original CDs, all these types of music have influenced Doug Adkins writing so it is natural to bring those elements into his shows.