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The Single “Second Hand Heart” – The Story Behind The Song (new Album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines)

Doug Adkins, traditional Country Music singer and Songwriter is writing his own lyrics.

Next month his Single “Second Hand Heart” of the new Album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” will be released.

For this CD, “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” Doug Akdins wrote all 12 songs in about 2 1/2 weeks, so he had paper everywhere to the point that you wouldn`t know which piece of paper went with which song! But finally it got all sorted out.

For the first single, Second Hand Hearts, Doug Adkins didn’t want to reuse the same old story where guy meets girl in a bar, he convinces her he is the one even though she is hurting and they go off in la la land together. Doug Adkins wanted to give the guy a little more depth! So this particular guy in a bar is a little more attentive, and he actually notices that after their eyes meet, she turns away, and he can tell, that she’s still hurting. But he asks her to dance anyway, she accepts and while they are dancing she states she’s not sure she can ever love again, and the cowboy says, “I don’t need you to fall, I’m just happy here dancin’.”

Doug Adkins:

“I was really happy with that line when it came out because it helps build that depth I was referring to that most of we country boys are accused of not having much of! But also, I felt that would be something a woman who was hurting would like to hear because she certainly doesn’t need any pressure is she’s still hurting. And that’s the line that sets up the chorus and allows our cowboy to say; but, however, if you ever choose to love again, I’d be there if you called, I’d take your second hand heart and just maybe together, we can mend all the broken pieces. Second Hand Heart, Hope you love it , hope it says something to you, as it does to me!”

Today we want to share the lyrics of the new Single that Comes out on February 1st, 2018 – SAVE THE DATE!!!


“Second Hand Heart”… Written by Doug Adkins

Standin’ by the bar, I saw our eyes meet
You quickly turned away (an I knew right then), that you were still hurtin’
I asked you to dance, felt so good together
Movin’ like one, but you’re tellin’ me
That you could never
Let me into your heart, cause you’re still tryin’ to heal
You think you could never love again, that’s the way that you’re feelin’
But I don’t need you to fall, I’m just happy here dancing
But make no mistake, I’d surely be there, if ever you call
I’d take you’re second hand heart, the one that tore your world apart
You say it’s lying in pieces that can never be found
And maybe someday, somewhere, somehow, you choose to love again
And we can mend the broken parts of your second hand heart
Well I’ve been in your shoes
In love it seems we get all used
And there’s nothin’ like knowing that you’ve been the fool
but I swear on my soul, all the stars in the sky
I’ll never break your heart, I ain’t one of those guys
But I’ll take you’re second hand heart, the one that tore your world apart
You say it’s lying in pieces that can never be found
And maybe someday, somewhere, somehow, you’ll choose to love again
And we can mend the broken parts of your second hand heart
Maybe someday, somewhere, somehow, you’ll choose to love again
And we can mend the broken parts of your second hand heart
Together we’ll mend the broken parts of your second hand heart


You can pre order the new Album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” at http://www.dougadkins.com and you will receive it 2-4 weeks before the public!

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“Second Hand Heart,” written by Doug Adkins “Dirt Roads and Fence Lines”

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope you are enjoying the Holiday season and getting ready for 2018. After being in Nashville last week for recording my new album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” I have a little teaser for you. The song is called “Second Hand Heart”. Hope you like it.



What you listen to is a fist studio cut of the song “Second Hand Heart,” from the new CD “Dirt Roads and Fence Lines,” with Lonnie Wilson – Drummer, Brent Mason – Electric Guitar, Scotty Sanders – Steel Guitar, and Jimmy Carter – Bass.

I will release the album on April 30th, 2018. Take the chance and preorder the new album “Dirt Roads and Fence Lines” now at http://www.dougadkins.com and you will be the first one receiving an autographed CD with 12 strong country songs. Get ready for the dancefloor!

Best regards, Doug Adkins

DOUG ADKINS is recording his NEW Album “Dirt Roads and Fence lines”

After a year full of shows with packed houses, Montana Country singer-songwriter Doug Adkins, is getting ready for 2018, leading to more great events in Europe with a year-long lineup of shows and releases his new album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” on April 30th, 2018.

For more information check out the website of the traditional country music singer-songwriter Doug Adkins. Take the chance and preorder the upcoming album now.


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Right now Doug Adkins is spending time in the studio with great musicians like Brent Mason (Electric Guitar, Acoustic, Banjo), Lonnie Wilson (Drums), Scotty Sanders (Steel Guitar, Lap Steel) and Jimmy Carter (Bass).




The album “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” comes with 12 amazing, unforgettable songs – traditional country music where you will tap your foot or dance all the way through. You will receive a powerful, strong country music album. Get your own “Dirt Roads And Fence Lines” CD now and enjoy Doug Adkins 9th album.

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How To Write A Song, Part 1 – The Hook Line

How To Write A Song, Part 1 – The Hook Line

Think of a song you enjoy listening to. It could be a song from your youth that you always loved, or it could be a song that you’ve heard playing on the radio a couple minutes ago. Sing the part you know in your head. You probably just sang the hook line. Did you sing the words Sweet Home Alabama, or Sweet Caroline, or was it On The Road Again? Those are hook lines! Ear catching hook lines have been the starting point for many great songs! I’m always looking for them! When I find a good one, I write it down or record right away!

People ask me, “What comes first, music or words?” I tell them, “I write the hook!” Sometimes I hear the music along with the hook, but always the hook.

A good hook will give you a starting point for how to write a song lyrically. When I wrote the hook line Why Not, One More Drink, I had a few pretty clear ideas on how to build the lyrics.

A great place to find hook lines is by listening to people speak. People say the strangest things, if you listen! On my last CD I wrote a song called Playin’ to Win. The idea for this song came while my father and I were sitting at a blackjack table in South Dakota. We were joking about splitting a pair of tens, which in blackjack is taboo because a pair of tens is already probably a winning hand. I believe my father said “do it, split the tens, losing doesn’t mean anything, only thing that matters is that you’re playing to win!” That really stuck out as one of those odd twists and after some re-write it became, Losin’ Don’t Mean A Thing, If You’re Playin’ To Win. There’s a scene in the video for the song where I split the tens at a blackjack table, and off course in the video I win!

When you think of a potential hook, or hear a nice twist on words, grab a napkin, any piece of paper, or your smart phone. People may look at you strange, but just look back at them and say, “I’m a songwriter; I have to write down my ideas when they come!”

Last thing, if you’re fortunate enough to have an idea for a melody with the hook, sing a few bars of Mumbo Jumbo into your recorder as well. Mumbo Jumbo is any words you can think of to accompany the music pattern and hook line you are putting down on tape. You’ll be surprised how often you come back to that Mumbo Jumbo and use something from it!

So go out and get those hook lines! Start making a collection of your own hooks, and check back and visit me for the next article on Song Writing, Part 2.

Below is the video link to the song Playin’ To Win which I referenced in the Ezine Article How To Write A Song, Part 1 – The Hook Line

Below you can read the lyrics and listen to an mp3 of Playin’ To Win and Why Not One More Drink

First Song – Playin’ To Win